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The actor spoke about the diet he took in the film


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Over the years, the stars of ‘Twilight’ have spoken about the honeys and regrets of the saga that launched them to fame, this time it was Taylor Lautner, interpreter of ‘Jacob Black’, who told about one of the most complicated things of the shoot, confessions in which he assured that some things were a ‘nightmare’.

The franchise created by Stephenie Meyer was a huge boom at the beginning of the millennium, as it brought a real craze for vampires thanks to Kristen Stewart as ‘Bella’, Robert Pattinson as ‘Edward Cullen’, Taylor Lautner’s wolf, among other characters from the story that conquered millions of fans.

However, although it was a catapult for the actors, Taylor remembers that not everything was as easy as it seems, especially in the physical aspect of his character for which he had to maintain a strict diet and exercise routine.

According to what he told Yahoo, he had to start putting on 30 pounds of muscle at the age of 16, so he had to do everything to stay on ‘Twilight’.

“For this little part I did when I was starting out at 16, I weighed 140 pounds and had to put on 30 pounds of muscle to keep the part. It was an absolute nightmare diet-wise, eating raw sweet potatoes, turkey burgers and protein shakes that were essentially sludge,” he confessed.

Although he looked amazing and always had the help of a nutrition professional, it was not an easy process for the actor.

“That was tough. I had to eat at least 5,000 calories a day to maintain the weight I was at,” he revealed.

On the other hand, the actor has been engaged since 2021 and will soon marry Taylor Dome, a funny coincidence of his name by which both will use the same last name, making them the Lautners.

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