Taylor Swift. Young man asks his girlfriend to marry him during Grupo Milenio concert

The marriage proposalswhen they occur at special moments and someone captures them either in videos or photos, they can go viral on social networks, and there are several examples, such as the girl who broke stereotypes and gave her boyfriend a ring despite criticism against .

Now, during a concert of Taylor Swift, a young man stole the attention of the attendees by kneeling in front of his girlfriend to ask her to be his wife. Here we tell you the emotional story.

In a presentation by the American singer, who has just started her tour The Eras, a man decided to give his partner a big surprise.

In the video of this moment, captured by TiKTok user @xxkay59xx, you can see how a young man, in the middle of the crowd, knelt down to propose to his partnerand the response he received was favorable.

It stands out that this happened when Taylor performed the song Love story, as pointed out by the tiktoker that uploaded the clip.

“To the girl who was proposed to me during Love story, you are living all our dreams, congratulations beautiful”wrote @xxkay59xx as the description of the video.

Taylor tour will make her a millionaire

Forbes magazine made calculations of sale in concert tickets for Taylor Swift and The result was surprising, since the approximate figure that he will receive at the end of his tour will be 591 million dollars.

However, this figure could grow to 620 million dollars if the sale of the album and official merchandise are added.

These figures must be reduced by taxes, staff payments, accommodation expenses, logistics among other production issues, but the magazine estimates that Taylor’s profit will be among the 465 and 496 million dollars; This figure will be added to the artist’s estate, which is between 570 million dollars, according to the Forbes report.


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