Tessa Ía and her multifaceted essence as a growing actress

Tessa was born surrounded for an artistic world of creative, successful and free women, from her grandmother Eva Norvind who was an actress, writer, producer and film director; his mom Nailea Norvind who is also an actress, as well as her sister Naian González Norvind, and his half sister Camila Sodi. We would think that she was always destined for this industry, however, she told us that it was little by little that she found her vocation in acting and music.

“When I was a teenager, I suffered a lot from not knowing what I was going to do with my life, it tormented me, but what I always knew was that it had to do with art. I believe that everything in my life is born from the love of reading, because reading and getting to know those different worlds where you can get lost expanded my mind and imagination to create images in my head. From there I started to write and make my own poems and I said: ‘Well, what if I put music to my poem, and it was a butterfly effect’.

Tessa is synonymous with passion and love for what she does, so we asked her what would be her best advice for someone to follow their heart and do what they love the most, to which she told us: believe in yourself, surround yourself with people that also believes in you, and perseverance. “Anyone’s path will not be easy and as long as that person believes in themselves they will continue, sometimes we do not know very clearly what the goal is, but we know what the path is, we just need to wake up again,” said the artist. .

In an industry and a world where we find so many stereotypes and molds to fit into, Tessa has shown that there is a new generation of artists that remains true to themselves and shares from the most real and honest part, although of course this It is not easy at all: “The challenge would be mental health, social networks and not comparing yourself with other people. We live in a society where all the time we are being bombarded by ‘the perfection of other people’s lives’, of what is presented to us. On the one hand, knowing that one is a fabrication, and two, that everyone has a completely different path, there will always be someone more cool than you at something and there will always be someone worse than you at the same thing. It really is useless to compare yourself, if not simply to know where we are in the present, to be there, and to work hard on it, ”she commented.

Likewise, she spoke to us about how she has had a stage in which women support each other within the industry, “I have always felt that there has been a lot of camaraderie, I know that girls in older generations did have it more difficult in that sense, but luckily now there are many projects of super talented girls and completely different from each other. I think we are all very sororas, we know that if you need something you can count on the other and that’s great,” Tessa shared. Although of course there are still some obstacles in the way: “I think there is still a lot of invalidation within the industry, a lot of machismo. It has been difficult to learn to hit myself when making my productions, to know how to say no, to repeat for the thousandth time the instruction that I want to give and that they are not listening to me. But honestly the biggest obstacle is your own mind, I think you are your own worst judge and sometimes we are very hard on ourselves.

When asked about what it means for her to be a strong woman and feminist today, she told us: “Living according to what you want, being true to you, and understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and that no experience is more valid. than another, but we have to understand and support from the acceptance of our experiences”.


Tessa Ía has found in music a space to share and show who she is and about her inspiration she confessed to us: “Personally, my experiences. I started writing from the need to get out what I was living, the experiences I had with people; it started out for me. Later I realized that once you release a song it becomes public, but I still like to keep, when I sit down to write, the thought that I am doing it for myself and to analyze a little the things I experience, to dramatize them and adorn them with metaphors from my own mythology.” And about her creative process, Tessa told us that it is “torturous, (laughs). Right now, I have had a couple of years, that I knew that I had to modify the way in which I was doing things and that process has taken me two years. Since I premiered my trilogy of singles, and with this concert on January 21 at the Teatro de la Ciudad, I feel that I have finally established the bases so that from now on I can do things at my own time, at my pace and in my own way, something which could not have been so before. I already have the ideas of what I want to do, but I don’t want to do it in a hurry. I like to do things as a collage, I have the ideas, the phrases and little by little I put them together, suddenly a melody occurs to me and I record it, they are colors and landscapes that I paint in my head”. About what she would like to leave with her music, she told us: “I would like to leave that value of being yourself, your authenticity.”

Many of her songs evoke themes such as love, when asked what it means to her, she told us, “personally I am in a process of deconstructing romantic love, very cool, I recommend it, and I am very much in favor of learning to relate from a more honest point and sometimes less conventional than what we are used to because we all grow up with these socially biased ideas. I think it’s about sharing your time, love and intimacy.”

Epilogue is the name of his next concert in CDMX, and he told us about why he chose this name, “it is a closing of the cycle, a thank you to all the people who listen to my music since I released my first album in 2016. For This transformation that I have been carrying out, I think that some time will pass between now and the release of my next material, so it is a kind of farewell, but not an end”.

Acting and singing is what Tessa loves and she enjoys each one and lives different experiences. “What I enjoy most about acting is that it’s something I’ve been doing all my life, so it feels very natural, I feel like a fish in water. What I enjoy the most with music is that it is my project, I write the lyrics and I decide how the art and videos are going to be seen, it is a whole discourse that goes beyond music”.

Without a doubt, music can bring out its most vulnerable side in each letter, something that is not always easy to open up. “That’s why I think when I started writing my songs they were very metaphorical, like I was trying to express what was happening to me without feeling like I was literally exposing myself. As it has progressed, I think that I am less and less afraid of that, it did preserve the distinction of my metaphorical worlds, but I think that I now dare to be a little more literal. In the end, you realize that what people connect the most with is that vulnerability,” concluded Tessa Ía.

Your favorites

  • Food: “Sushi”.
  • Book: “The unbearable lightness of being”.
  • Film that makes you cry: “Nausicaä”.
  • Character who marked you: “Princess Kidagakash Nedakh of Atlantis.”
  • What “Narciso” means to you: “It’s realizing that the other person doesn’t have to love you the way you want them to love you, but you put yourself in that place of contempt by yourself.”

More about Tessa

  • He is 27 years old.
  • His foray into acting was at the age of nine in Rebelde (2004).
  • At the age of 13 he began to compose and in 2016 he released his first album: Correspondence.
  • In 2008 he acted alongside Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence in The Burning Plain.
  • In 2016, her acting career began to take off with After Lucía by Michel Franco.

nothing gross

A series that he has enjoyed a lot, premiered its third season yesterday.

His recent single

“Want, love”, an intimate and vulnerable song for the singer.

By Ailedd Menduet

Photos: Courtesy Karla Lisker

Makeup and hairstyle: Maripili / Styling: Tino Portillo


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