that’s who the king of the stove is in his house

The beautiful former Miss Italy 2012 is today an acclaimed actress who we have also seen acting in the latest Rai fiction “Doc – In your hands 2”. However, she revealed that she is not able to cook very well, here is who replaces her at home.

Giusy Buscemi (Instagram photo)

Born in 1993 and originally from Mazara Del Vallo, Giusy Buscemi (born Giuseppina), after her success in 2012 at “Miss Italia” where she beat the present competition, she had an incredible success, so much so that today she is one of the most requested Italian actresses.

Not only a policewoman in “One Step From Heaven” but also a doctor in the second season of “Doc – In your hands” which aired for the first time last night. The young Sicilian married the director Jan Michelini on May 13, 2017 after about 3 years of engagement.

The couple met on the set ofDon Matteoand then they never left each other, so much so that they already have two children, the eldest daughter Caterina Maria, born in 2018, and Pietro Maria born in 2019.

Jan is a lot older than her, 14 years old, but this seems to matter little to the couple who are always very close on social media when they share some intimate moments of their married life.

In the Italian context, as we said, he directed various series including “Don Matteo” and “Un passo dal cielo”, and followed the direction of the first two seasons of “I Medici”. Jan though. as we have seen in his wife’s stories, he’s not only an excellent director… that’s what he does at home.

“Who cooks in your house?” Giusy Buscemi’s answer shocks everyone

Giusy is a pure soul and every time she appears on the TV screen she transmits serenity and joy to the fans who follow her with great affection. The same affection does not disappear when she makes public her private life made up of moments with her children or with her husband.

Yesterday she answered the question of a follower who asked her on Instagram “Who cooks in the family?”By publishing a short video of Jan while he was intent on stirring some pasta in a pan.

She reveals that actually the real chef in the family is the director husband, so much so that in a later story then, specifying that it is spaghetti with sea cicadas and sea bass eggs.

The next note, however, points out the great consideration that the actress has towards her husband: “His series are nothing compared to his dishes!“.

A huge compliment considering that he has never hidden that he is a good fork as he has repeatedly shown on social media.

Giusy Buscemi video recipe spaghetti with sea cicadas
Spaghetti with sea cicadas (Instagram screen @giusybuscemii)

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We also remember that Micheliani also has one behind him great international experience as a director: collaborated with Mel Gibson in the production of the blockbuster “The Passion of Christ and with Ron Howard directing “Angels and Demons” And he also joined Ryan Murphy for the film “Eat, Pray, Love with a sublime Julia Roberts.

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