the 3 cases to be managed for the 22nd day

The 22Serie A matchday approaches and in addition to the classic tips of Fantasy Football there is also to be reckoned with 3 ballots to manage. Several delicate cases on which we want to focus, naturally trying to advise you in the best possible way. For this 21st matchday of Serie A, here are the three ballots we have identified: Felipe Anderson-Zaccagni (Lazio); Leao-Messias (Milan); Mertens-Petagna (Naples).

Fantasy football tips, 22nd matchday of Serie A: how to manage these three ballots

How to manage the 3 most important ballots for Fantasy Football in anticipation of the 22nd day of Serie A? Delicate cases follow each other day after day and also for this reason we are here, trying to advise you in the best way and trying to identify the most important headaches of each shift. To avoid leaving bonuses on the bench, let’s try to clarify on three ballots to be managed for this 22nd day of Serie A identified by us (the appeal is addressed both to the owners of one of the two, and to those who have both), also referring to our probable formations.

  • Felipe Anderson-Zaccagni (Lazio) – The ballot is this and it is now fixed. He will recover day after day, probably until the end of the championship, but we must be of little or no interest, especially in matches like the next one. Both are in fact to be deployed against Salernitana, both Felipe Anderson who is in the lead to start and both Zaccagni. Substitutes or not, both could make the difference even with only 15 minutes available against a team like that of Colantuono. The main doubt could affect those who maybe took them both, but in matches like these you could also seriously think about deploying both of them and that’s what we recommend. In case of forced choice, bet on Anderson who has slightly more chances to start as a starter.
  • Leao-Messias (Milan) – It is a real and existing ballot and could put many fantasy coaches in difficulty. Some driven by the lack of certainty of a starting position, others instead not really inclined to field two players of the squassa team on the field. The speech to be made is very similar to that seen with Anderson and Zaccagni, with the advantage that in this case we are also talking about two different roles. “Wasting” two slots for a Milan midfielder and striker, at home against Spezia, with one of the two definitely starting, seems to us anything but madness. We advise you to bet on both without too many problems. If for reasons of form you have to bet on only one of the two, then Leao is better at that point: both for the propensity to the bonus and for the possibilities, currently greater, of starting as a holder.
  • Mertens-Petagna (Naples) – After the 120 minutes with Fiorentina it would not be a scandal to see Mertens on the bench and Petagna on the pitch against Bologna. Spalletti rarely gives up on the Belgian, especially at a time like this. We advise you to field him against a team in clear difficulty like that of Sinisa Mihajlovic, even as a substitute he could make the difference. Petagna is a very interesting bet, but a lot depends on the alternatives you have in the team. As a guideline, it can be deployed, especially after the two consecutive goals between Serie A and the Italian Cup. If you have both of them it is better to deploy only one maybe, but even in this case, look at the alternatives, putting them both would not be madness anyway. In case you only want to take one, for a variety of factors, go to Mertens.

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