the actor gave his pickup to a naval veteran

That Dwayne Johnson is a softie is well known: the star of Red Notice has long since earned the reputation of a gentle giant, so it is not surprising to see him perform gestures of extreme generosity towards his fans. The last episode of the genre happened right in these hours after a screening of the new Netflix film.

While Red Notice continues to hit Netflix, in fact, in the United States a special screening of the film with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot saw the same take part. The Rock: the actor wanted to surprise his fans with some gifts, with an eye to US Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez, who returned home with Johnson’s beloved pickup!

My original idea was to give away the Porche Taycan that I drive in the film. So we caught up with the owners of the Porche, but they said no. But I said yes anyway. I’ll do something better. I will give my pickup as a gift. My baby“were the words with which The Rock told the thing through an Instagram post.

However, Rodriguez’s choice was not accidental: “I gathered enough information about everyone in the room, and Oscar’s story moved me. He takes care of his 75-year-old mum. He is a personal trainer. He is a prominent member of his church. Bring help and meals to the women victims of domestic violence. He is a humble and proud US Navy veteran. He is a beautiful human being“continued the actor.

A gesture that was certainly appreciated, at least judging by the sincere emotion shown by Rodriguez in the video posted by The Rock! Going back to talking about cinema, in the meantime, let’s find out what are the chances of seeing a sequel to Red Notice.

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