the actress will meet on screen with Denzel Washington almost 20 years after ‘The fire of revenge’

At the beginning of this same 2022 I told you with quite remarkable enthusiasm that the ‘The Equalizer’ saga would return with a third installment that, with a bit of luck, will leave us with an almost perfect trilogy of action thrillers. Now, with the pre-production phase progressing smoothly, we have learned that the feature film has made a signing that will lead to a curious reunion onscreen.

unexpected reunions

As reported exclusively by Deadline, Dakota Fanning will meet again on set with Denzel Washington almost twenty years after the premiere of Tony Scott’s ‘The Fire of Vengeance’ —which, by the way, is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, in case you want to whet your appetite—. A luxury addition to a project that will be difficult to disappoint.

‘The Equalizer 3’ will return to Washington —two-time Oscar winner for his work on ‘Training Day’ and ‘Times of Glory’— at the service of Antoine Fuqua, who is currently immersed in the post-production process of ‘Emancipation’ —’Hacia la libertad’—; the historical thriller for Apple TV + delayed after the Will Smith incident at the last Oscar ceremony.

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For now, The plot ins and outs of ‘The Equalizer 3’ are unknown, but surely it will be a pleasure to enjoy Robert McCall’s new adventure again. Good old Denzel has already commented that he wants to “break a few faces” after his work on ‘Macbeth’, so all that remains is for him to sit back and wait patiently for its premiere, yet to be determined.

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