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Just as actors have a black list of celebrities they don’t want to work with, they also have a white list of artists they prefer to share a screen with whenever they can, and today we’ll talk about Brad Pitt’s. According to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband has acquired a great deal of experience in his artistic career that has allowed him to draw conclusions between which actors he would work with, and with whom he would prefer not to.. “When you work with so many actors, and after a while, you start taking notes like, ‘I’m definitely not going to work with this person anymore. Brad has two lists, one good and one bad,” he said.

Although Taylor-Johnson preferred not to single out anyone on Pitt’s hit list, she mentioned one of the stars the ‘World War Z’ star values ​​working with as a team. This is Sandra Bullock. “Sandy is an old friend. She is an uncompromising person who could ask favors over the years and I have done it many times and she is always there,” concludes Pitt’s partner in the interview.

What is special about Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock is one of the most popular actresses of her generation in Hollywood.. The 58-year-old interpreter, beyond being highly recognized in the film industry, is characterized by her great talents and attributes, among them, she speaks German, studied music and dance while traveling with her family throughout Europe, and made her first appearance on stage at the age of five in a small role, for an opera in Nuremberg, Germany. In 1982, she graduated from Washington-Lee High School, then she studied drama at East Carolina University in North Carolina, according to ‘BuscaBiography’ on her website.

At the end, Bullock moved to New York to continue her acting studies by working as a waitress. She auditioned for TV, eventually landing a role on the show ‘Working Girl’. She then decided to leave New York for Los Angeles, a decision that landed her a job as a supporting actress on the TV version of The Preppie Murder opposite William Baldwin. After working on low-budget movies like ‘Fire in the Amazon’ and ‘Who Do I Gotta Kill,’ she replaced Lori Petty as Sylvester Stallone’s partner in the action flick Demolition Man. came with the blockbuster ‘Speed’. The next film of hers was ‘While you Were Sleeping’.

Little by little, the artistic world opened up for the star to the point of working on films that won the most important awards in the industry, the Oscars, as was the case with ‘The Blind Side’. Likewise, some of his interpretations have been so valued that they have received a nomination at the same ceremony already mentioned. This happened with the popular tape ‘Gravity’.

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