The atmosphere in the port where the Flying Fox yacht docked

A calm atmosphere is observed this Friday afternoon in the vicinity of the don diego portwhere since last Monday is the luxurious flying fox yachtowned by a Russian tycoon and linked to an investigation involving Dominican and United States authorities.

reporters from Free Journal they could observe the little flow of people that moved around the boat.

Tourists entered and exited the boat, while port security personnel were stationed near where the yacht, which is valued at $455 million, docked.

Diario Libre made attempts to obtain statements from the personnel stationed in the area, however, they reported that the press would not be admitted and that they had to be in front of the facilities.

Traffic in the area is congested with dozens of people using the floating bridge to cross from the National District to the Santo Domingo Este municipality.

Dominican authorities confirmed that the yacht belongs to a Russian tycoon, whom they did not identify.

However, a publication magazine Forbes details that the boat would belong to Dmitry Kamenshchikbusinessman and owner of the largest airport in Eastern Europe.

Since the war broke out in Ukraine, the United States and other nations have applied sanctions to Russia. In that sense, the Russian oligarchs have had their properties confiscated, as part of the sanctions.

The departure of the ship from the Dominican port was scheduled for this Friday, but was held by the Department of Homeland Security Investigations of the United States (Homeland Security Investigations, HSI), which is conducting an investigation into terrorist and transnational criminal organizations that threaten or seek to exploit the customs and immigration laws of the United States.

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