The awkward moment that AMLO caused Biden for taking 28 minutes to respond on migration

President Joe Biden during the closing conference with López Obrador and Justin Trudeau (Photo: Reuters)
President Joe Biden during the closing conference with López Obrador and Justin Trudeau (Photo: Reuters)

The closing conference of the “three amigos” within the framework of the X Summit of North American Leadersheld at the National Palace in Mexico City, ended with a uncomfortable moment.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used almost all the time allocated for the questions and answers sessioncausing bewilderment among their US and Canadian counterparts, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeaurespectively.

And it is that in the last question about the immigration crisisaddressed to the three heads of state, AMLO took 28 minutes to give his answer, unlike his guests, since Biden lasted eight minutes and Trudeau only six.

The reason was that López Obrador took the opportunity to criticize the apology for violence and drug trafficking through television series and movies, but also vaporizers when referring to the year that causes the fentanyl on consumers.

In addition, he took advantage of show off their welfare programs for young people who neither study nor work, also known as “ninis”, and their project of mayan train in the southeast.

Meanwhile, the heads of state of the US and Canada They looked courteously at their lecterns, feet, and sky, or anything that provided them with a small distraction.

After almost half an hour, AMLO ended the conference with a: Well, all this is what we have discussed. I’m past time, it’s very cold. Many thanks”. “Oh no no” Trudeau murmured, with a slight smile.

However the US president replied annoyed:

“I want for the record that I don’t know what questions I didn’t answer. I’m ready for later. Thank you”

Later AMLO, Biden and Trudeau They posed for the cover photo. and leave the Palace with their entourage towards the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

The awkward moment did not go unnoticed by both the national and international press.

Such was the case of the correspondent of NmoreAriel Moutsatsos, who wrote on his Twitter account: “For the schools of diplomacy and protocol, on what should not be doner. There you can hear the unusual statement of poor Biden ”.

“Now imagine a daily Monday-Friday conference with an average duration of at least 2 hours that delivers limited news,” published on the same platform Cyntia Barrera Diaz, an analyst at Bloomberg.

For her part, the Mexican journalist in Washington DC, Dolia Estévez, affirmed that the long and tedious answer caused frustration in Biden.

“The fact that he did not give an opportunity for Biden and Trudeau to also respond, after his harangue, It shows how rusty he is in this type of meeting in which he has to share the microphone. Biden’s final comment was one of frustration, ”she stressed.

During his speech, AMLO thanked both the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada, as well as their wives and entourage, for participating in the X Summit of North American Leaders.

“The mere fact of meeting, as good neighbors, in an atmosphere of respect to seek together the well-being of our peoples, is already in itself a historic event,” posted on his Twitter account along with a video with images of the moments of the trilateral meeting.


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