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The name of the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky appeared in the public arena after the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which keeps the international scene on alert in the face of the escalation of brutal violence perpetrated by Vladimir Putin’s Army.

Before the declaration of war, the man who earned the respect and affection of his people did not enjoy the fame that he currently has in all hemispheres. In 2019, he swept the polls with 73 percent of the vote and from there he is recognized as a qualified president with original leadership.

But the man who, before winning the presidency of his country, worked as an actor and film producer, is unrecognizable in the eyes of the millions of eyes that witness the resistance thrown up by his firm decision to defend his country.

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This is what Volodimir Zelensky looks like after the war in Ukraine

Weeks before the Russian leader’s first bombing of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky was a head of state who wore a suit and tie in most of his public appearances. The war scene left that clothing in the past to adopt the camouflage print.

Charged with a verb that shakes the conscience of European and Western leaders, the president sets the tone in each speech and in each request in which he insists for more help to continue repressing the attacks.

And in his last outing, the president’s appearance surprised many. In a tour of the devastated territory of Bucha, where a brutal massacre against its citizens was experienced, Zelensky’s face marked a before and after that definitely deserves a comparison.

Without a doubt, the more than 40 days of war leave a tired, worried and haggard face on the Ukrainian leader, who walks the streets of kyiv and the rest of the cities with his military uniform and combat boots, denoting the radical change.

As the newspaper La Razón highlights, the president wears a worn image that contrasts with the one he had before February 24, when Russian troops began the unrestrained attack on the most important regions of Ukraine.

The face of the former actor went viral on the networks dressed in his green military jacket, a bulletproof vest and a beard that he no longer completely removes, on a gaunt and even aged face, while verifying the massacre in Bucha. (I)

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