The best beaches in Cádiz for this summer 2022

Good weather and heat are something that the province enjoys throughout the year. There are many who are already looking for what are the best beaches in Cadiz for this summer 2022. Discover and visit the Costa de la Luz and its impressive beaches.

If you still want to visit any of the best beaches in Cadiz Before the end of the year, we advise you to get to know this list throughout the province, some of the best distributed among several municipalities which in turn you can visit and enjoy the gastronomic and cultural offer in each of them.

Then the list of the best beaches in Cadiz by localities and municipalities:

Best beaches in Cadiz capital

One of the four most famous beaches in the capital of Cadiz: the beach in the old town of Cadiz, the cove . It does not understand seasons and its arenas are always home to Cadiz and foreigners. It has even been the place chosen in more than one film scene like that of the James Bond movie ‘Die another day’, in which Halle Berry took a bath in its waters.

La Caleta, Cadiz

In the environment we find Castle of San Sebastian from the 18th century and in which is the lighthouse of Cádiz, the castle of Santa Catalina from the 16th century, the spa of Nª Sra. de La Palma and the walls of the old bastion of San Pablo from the 16th century and San Orejón from the 17th century .

Enjoy a family environment, relax in the shade of an old spa, stroll along a rocky path and enjoy the essence of Cádiz are some of the activities that can be done on the coast of the Cadiz capital.

Beaches of Sanlucar de Barrameda

4 beaches walk the coast of Sanlucar . One of them, with its marine and fishing environment, is known for the loading of the Rocío carts on its pilgrimage: Bajo de Guía. It is an urban beach with moderate waters and about 800 meters long.

Sanlucar de Barrameda

Discover here the four beaches of this corner of Cadiz for this 2022 .

Chipiona Beaches

There are seven beaches that run through this municipality of Cadiz. One of them, made up of four adjoining coves is about 800 meters long and a 20th century bunker governs its shores, marking the swaying of the tide on its walls.

Rule Beach, Chipiona

During spring tides, smaller coves disappear and the water directly hits the low slope that supports the beach. The protection of the breakwaters on both sides makes the waters calm and creates a very pleasant area for swimming.

Each of its beaches contains very special corners , Are you going to miss them? Discover the 7 beaches here.

Beaches of Tarifa

Of the 8 beaches in Tarifa, one of them is known for the stream that flows into its shores during the rainy season: The Canuelo.

The Canuelo, Tarifa

Small and intimate it’s the perfect beach for those who want to disconnect from the city and enjoy the sound of the waves breaking.

But there’s still seven more beaches that you can visit this year and they will not leave you indifferent..

Chiclana Beaches

two nice beaches walk the coast of this southern municipality. In front of the castle of Sancti Petri and next to the channel of the same name, one of its beaches stretches out with sand moved by the strong tidal currents in the area. A landscape full of different elements in which dunes, marshes, a fishing port and rock platforms cover the land.

Sancti Petri Beach, Chiclana

The area south of the breakwater is known as ‘Punta de Piedras’ beach due to its rocky bottom. It is defined in its back by a reddish slope on whose surface a protected dune system develops that connects with a coastal pine forest.

Get to know them and enjoy a full day visiting the beaches couple that Chiclana offers us.

Beaches of El Puerto de Santa María

Inside of the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park , on the coastal arrow of the Toruños, is one of the best known beaches of El Puerto, Levante. Surrounded by natural marshland, its sands house one of the largest nests in Europe Little Tern, a marsh bird known for its fishing skills.

Levante Beach, The Port

The beaches of El Puerto are ideal for practicing sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. Discover them all.

Beach of Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer has only one beach, but it is one of the most famous of the entire Cadiz coast. Also, without a doubt, one of the longest, since it is 4,700 meters long.

El Palmar Beach, Vejer

Write it down in your visitor guide for this summer 2022 and enjoy every corner of this coastal jewel.

Beaches of Barbate

We bring you one of the seven most famous Barbate beaches that you will be able to visit this summer.

Zahora Beach

Surrounded by chalets and beach bars , Forming the front of the beach with more affluence, we have the Playa de Zahora. A small embankment separates the beach from the back area, which can be accessed through the lanes that start from the CA-2233, making up the tourist enclave of Zahora.

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