The best movies related to casinos

He world of casinos and bets It has been a recurring theme in the seventh art for several decades now. There are many films that center their story in the casinos or that start from it to tell the story of the protagonist. In this article we will review the best titles, some released a long time ago and others more recent, that can be found today on this subject.

And it is that the game continues to be one of the activities most practiced by much of the population. Unlike previous decades, it currently occurs in the online field where there is a lot to choose from, either in terms of games or specialized portals. Precisely, with the aim of bringing order to so much competition, there are platforms such as oddschecker casinosa specialized comparator that gives all the information of interest to the user.

The casino as an indispensable element

The casino has always been a good set for the development of history. This is what the movie shows casinofrom the year 1995. In it, with robert deniro as the protagonist, they review the story of a Las Vegas sports betting professional who ends up being the director of several gambling halls. As every good story claims, the plot thickens and luxury and glamor give way to crime and betrayal. also participated Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, and it was a box office success.

The film that did not leave anyone indifferent either, especially the American Film Academy, was The hit. Inspired by the Chicago of the 30s, in the middle of the Depression, they use the game space as one more element within the story. Paul Newman and robert redford they embody a story of gangsters, power and revenge. It was named one of the best films of the 70s and awarded several Oscars, such as Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay.

casino movie
Robert de Niro in Casino

The casino was also chosen for the films in the saga Ocean’swhere a cast made up of George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. Although many expected more seeing the protagonists, it must be recognized that the action scenes leave the viewer glued to the screen. First it was a trilogy with Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen; but in 2018 the fourth film in the saga, Ocean’s Eight, saw the light of day, with great feminine power with actresses of the stature of Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway either cate blanchett.

Great tributes to the game

Roundersfrom the year 1998, is considered the best film of poker of the entire history of cinematography. In it, the protagonist played by Matt Damon he is a student fond of the green mat who stops playing. Due to the debts of a friend with a dangerous criminal, he returns to the tables in order to help and everything returns to normal. The plot becomes more complicated as it progresses, with unexpected twists and scenes that will remain etched in the memory.

Without leaving the world of cards, the tribute to the black Jack what are you doing Blackjack 21. Based on a real book, it explains the experiences of a group of young casino experts. Specifically, that of a student from the prestigious MIT who uses cards to be able to pay the tuition fee and continue studying at the university. His activity in the gaming halls is focused on mathematics, especially in the branch of statistics, which brings him great success and will take him to an almost extreme situation.

Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey
Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey in Betting the Limit

And we end up referring to the world of sports betsspecifically those related to American football, with betting the limit. In this film where they appear Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, tells the story of a sports fan who works in a betting company in Las Vegas. Due to injuries, he cannot continue practicing sports, but they sign him to predict matchday after matchday who will be the winners of the matches.


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