The best shoes to wear jeans with folded hems in Spring-Summer 2023

This is not the time to discard the iconic normcore loafers, as they have come to life within the minimalist style. However, for this season, according to style prescribers, it would be better to wear them in a patent leather finish. The reason is that they comply with the dress codes of contemporary women, their sophisticated design has the ability to transform wardrobe basics such as mom jeans Y bow blouses. A set that you could replicate for the office and easily stand out.

Low-rise with stilettos

Low-rise jeans with folded hems and 2023 street style stilettos.

Raimonda Kulikauskiene

If there is something that we must learn from the streets, it is that there is no age for fashion. Just look at how fashion experts adapt any trend with elegance and simplicity. The shot jeans from the 90s, they will continue to be on the radar as one of the hottest pieces of clothing for women 50+ as long as they double the wheel at the exact height. This way you will not give a very relaxed appearance, to complement the look add a cotton blouse from Prada and white stilettosthe shoes essential to go well dressed everywhere.

High sandals in white and wide jeans

Wide jeans with high white street style sandals.

Daniel Zuchnik

On numerous occasions the wide jeans They have conquered the wardrobe of the supermodels of the moment. However, height will no longer be an impediment to carry the wide trousers most comfortable Spring-Summer 2023. The key is in bend the wheel subtly for the ideal effect, add a couple of high sandals to increase height and feel much more secure when walking.

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