The Board invests in nuclear medicine equipment

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has awarded the purchase of four new PET-CT equipment for the Nuclear Medicine services of the hospitals of Toledo, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Guadalajara.

The investment, in PET-TC alone, is close to 9.5 million and is part of the High Technology Investment Plan (INVEAT), promoted by the Ministry of Health and financed with Next Generation EU funds, to advance in improving the diagnostic and treatment capacity of the National Health System.

The incorporation of this healthcare technology “places us at the forefront of Europe” from the technological point of view in Nuclear Medicine and also “equates us with the international ratios of PET-CT with respect to the population served, improving patient access to this technique so important in many diseases”, explained the director of the Nuclear Medicine Coordination Unit in Castilla-La Mancha, Ángel Soriano.

The acquired equipment has a technology called digital that improves its diagnostic capacity, reducing examination times and significantly reducing radiation to patients. The pathologies that benefit from this technology cover a wide range, not only in oncology but also in neurology, cardiology, vascular and fundamentally infectious-inflammatory processes, Dr. Soriano has specified.

With this resolution, progress is made in the project of the Government of Emiliano García-Page so that all the provinces of Castilla-La Mancha have a Nuclear Medicine service once the works of the large hospitals are completed.

The new hospitals in Toledo and Cuenca incorporate Nuclear Medicine services and Guadalajara, with its important reform, also incorporates a nuclear medicine service. From the Regional Nuclear Medicine Unit, Soriano said, “we have standardized the equipment and benefits so that patients have the best technology in their reference hospitals in a similar way, regardless of where they reside”.

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