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The union that we always wanted was almost a fact, what happened? At RP we tell you everything we know about the highly dreamed Pitt-Bullock movie that never made it to port.

This is the Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock movie that never happened

Brad Pitt has had a very busy year. His latest film, Bullet Train, has had a very good reception and soon will star in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon alongside Margot Robbie and Diego Calva.

Under his production banner, Plan B Entertainment, Pitt was involved in the remake of Father of the Bride, Netflix’s highly anticipated Blonde, and the two upcoming films. She Said and Women Talking.

It will also launch a new commercial genderless facial care company called, Le Domaine.

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Well, we can talk for hours about all the projects done and to be done by Pitt. However, there is one that did not reach port.

It is a film idea that Brad and actress Sandra Bullock had in mind and that Pitt accidentally revealed in an interview with Variety.

“Actually, Sandy and I once tried to develop a whole idea of ​​a husband-and-wife team, who were the most successful salespeople at QVC, but we’re getting divorced, we hate each other, and we’re taking the air while we’re selling stuff. That’s it.” That’s how far we’ve come.” The actor commented.

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The idea of ​​the actors, years ago, was to make a comedy in which they were going to play ex-spouses at war for the North American network QVC. Sadly, the Pitt-Bulloc comedy never made it past early development.

It should be noted that both actors worked together this year. For his part, Pitt participated in a cameo for Lost City, a film directed by Bullock. While the actress appeared in Brad’s latest movie, Bullet Train.

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