The Brazilian who could reach America and is free

Hulk, Duck, Oscar
Hulk, Duck, Oscar

Fernando Ortiz is already thinking about the first match of the Clausura 2023 against Querétaro. However, there are a couple of things that America must solve before the start of the tournament. Tano has not yet defined who would be the starting goalkeeper and his defense continues to have problems, but Santiago Baños could give him a new player to help him win the title.

There have been a couple of players that have been hanging around the club. Many fans want to see Raúl Jiménez or Diego Lainez arrive, players with an American past and who are not very active in Europe. Others still want Baños to hire a right-back after Emilio Lara’s injury that will leave him out for about six weeks.

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There is a Brazilian MLS player who is currently a free agent and could make it to America. The striker has experience in European and international soccer as he is part of the Brazilian team. The Brazilian has more than 200 goals in his career, and even if the striker does not comply with Baños’ policies of being under 30, he would be an important addition.

What Brazilian could reach America?

Alexandre Pato is one of the players that Santiago Baños could try to convince to play for the Águilas. The 33-year-old Brazilian ended his contract with Orlando City on January 1. Now the striker with experience at Milan, Chelsea, Villarreal, Corinthians and Sao Paulo could be a new member of América.

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