The brutal reprimand of Zo Kravitz (‘The Batman’) to Will Smith for his behavior at the Oscars

Tthird day of comments and reactions to Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock, which frankly there are few people left to comment. The last to do so have been the actors Jim Carrey and Zo Kravitz, being highly critical of Smith’s behavior during his already well-known episode of rage and anger at the 2022 Oscars.

However, the most viral reprimand in networks has been that of the interpreter in charge of embodying Catwoman in ‘The Batman’, for his ironic tone and at the same time, incisive.

As if it were the feline superhero herself, displaying his sharp wit and unmistakable verbal acuity in each of her words, the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz it was dispatched to taste against the Oscar winner for ‘The Williams Method’.

Zo Kravitz: “Now we assault people on stage”

Apparently, the two posts in question published last night by the American actress they only came to show the two dresses that she wore during the Oscar Awards last Sunday.

Nevertheless, the message ended up going much further as we will see below, because together with these photographs, Kravitz wrote the following: “This is a photo of my dress at the awards where apparently we now assault people on stage”.

Definitely a very sharp as well as elegant criticism, without great insults or drama, just genuine and original, like Zo Kravitz herself. However, many Instagram users have not hesitated to attack her for this reflection.

Something that, according to his followers, did not happen in the same way with the criticism of Jim Carrey, alleging that Kravitz is attacked more for being a woman and make use of her voice to denounce something that she considers reprehensible.

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