The call for MIR vacancies is insufficient to cover the deficit of internists

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) considers that the call for MIR 2023 vacancies for Internal Medicine, published in the Official State Gazette on September 2, is not sufficient to respond to the need for professionals in the specialty or to solve the lack of generational replacement of internists accused by the National Health System (SNS).

In this call, 413 places are offered for the training of specialists in Internal Medicine throughout the country.

Despite the fact that this offer of places is greater than in the previous call (401 in 2022), “this number of new doctors who will be trained in the specialty would be insufficient,” denounces the SEMI.

According to one of the latest studies available on the shortage of physicians, prepared jointly by the State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM) and the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC), in 2030 around 70,000 doctors will have retired from the SNS, a number higher than the MIR vacancies that are convened annually, without taking into account other types of casualties such as departures abroad or dedication to exercise in the private sector.

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