The campaign promises of Guillermo Almada and Miguel Herrera to take over the Mexican National Team

We present the arguments of each of the strongest candidates to reach the Tri bench.

Guillermo Almada Y michael herrera They are in the middle of the campaign towards the World Cup 2026. The two coaches are the last candidates to take command of the Mexican team and they have appeared in the media with different promises, trying to convince the public and managers, with the arguments they have for the position.

A few days after choosing the coach the Mexican team For the next World Cup cycle, all that is missing is a debate between the two candidates, to find out who has the best ideas, although, from their sides, both Almada What herrera have expressed their campaign promises to be elected in the Mexican team.

michael herrerain various interviews, ensures that if he is chosen, Mexico can think of finishing among the best four teams in the World Cup 2026because they have the advantage of being local.

To the above, answer Guillermo Almadain an interview in ESPNas he assured that with him in command you can have a “powerful team” that will convince all the fans of the Mexican team.

“A lot of union, a lot of support, surely make a selection with many young people, with some of experience, who will be the bastions, make a powerful selection, because Mexico He can achieve it because of the footballers he has. We need an important union to reach decisive positions in international competitions”.

A herrera his temperament and the ex-technician of tigers He ensures that this part is already being worked on with a ‘coach’, so that the outbursts of other occasions are not repeated, in which he fought with referees, coaches, players, or had some unfortunate statement.

On the side of Almadathe Uruguayan coach is promoted based on the virtue he has to manage youngsters, although the coach himself clarifies that he also knows how to empower older soccer players and the sample is the transfers of players such as nico ibanez Y Victor Guzman.

“We would make a work list, a plan that we already have diagrammed in our heads. We plan to direct a selection. A lot of conviction and make a work staff, that we all unite through a shirt, to achieve sports results, I am convinced that they can be achieved, due to the raw material that is in Mexico”, he mentioned Almada.

The final decision will be made by the Selection Committee, recently formed, and which will review the profile of the two coaches, listening to their proposals to choose the one who would best lead the team. Mexico heading to the World Cup 2026.

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