The cold greeting between Hugo Lloris and Dibu Martínez that is already going around the world

The Final of the Qatar World Cup 2022 Come in Argentina and France is already considered one of the best finals in the history of the World Cups. Hugo Lloris was the starting goalkeeper with the French team, while Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez did the same with the Albiceleste.

The match ended with the coronation of Argentina in a dramatic penalty shootout. After the game, the controversy surrounded the Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, who stood out for his effusive individual and collective celebrations, something that the French squad did not like.

Days after the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final, football brought Hugo Lloris and Dibu Martínez together again, but now at club level in the Premier League. Tottenham and Aston Villa faced each other in the English League this Sunday. Before the start of the match, both goalkeepers met in the tunnel that leads to the pitch. Lloris, visibly concentrating on his own, barely greeted Dibu, who extended his arm to shake his hand. This is how the cameras captured this moment.

Dibu won the game against Lloris again

Aston Villa took the victory against Tottenham as a visitor by a score of two to zero. Once again, Emiliano Martínez won the duel against Hugo Lloris, although now representing their respective clubs. In the standings, Aston Villa is in 12th place with 21 points collected, while Tottenham is momentarily fifth with 30 points.

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