The College of Physicians will facilitate the training of three students

Francisco Javier Caballero Plaza, Lucía Sánchez Rodríguez and Marta Fernández Moreno, students of the Ciudad Real Faculty of Medicine, received the three grants corresponding to the seventh edition of the Training Scholarships for summer stays in Hospitals and Biomedical Research Centers promoted by the College of Physicians of Ciudad Real. With these scholarships, endowed with 1,500 euros each, it is intended to support their training in different medical centers during the summer period.

This year, Francisco Javier will participate in a solidarity project at the ‘Le Bon Samaritain’ Hospital Complex, in N’damena-Goundi (Africa). “It is a very depressed country,” he explained, “so it is not a biomedical research scholarship to use, but it will serve to learn about those realities and infectious diseases that we take for granted here.” She thanked the Faculty for its closeness despite these tough years, her parents who are always behind her, and the College for the opportunity”. Lucía, who was unable to attend the event, will complete her training at the Rome Biomedical Hospital, and Marta will spend her stay at the University Hospital of Milton Keynes, (England), in the Emergency Department where she hopes to “learn a lot in another health system and with another language and also participate in a research project that is carried out there”. The students received their scholarships from the representatives of the sponsors of these grants, Fundación Mutual Médica, AMA and Globalcaja.

On the other hand, the award for the best MIR file was also awarded, which went to the cardiologist Jorge Martínez del Río. The award, endowed with 2,000 euros, was sponsored by Tresa Automoción. The winner thanked the College and sponsors for their “commitment to continue encouraging this type of award and promoting academic excellence, even with the difficult situation that we have had to live not only as health workers but as part of global society.” “The real prize for me, -he continued-, is the whole process that I have lived to be able to get to this moment and for which I have so much to be thankful for”. Marian Montero, Head of Studies of the Research, Teaching, Training and Quality Unit of the Integrated Care Management of Ciudad Real commented in this regard that “the residency can be done in many ways. Dropping into the hospital, doing a minimum or do a residency with professionalism and with enthusiasm as is the case with Jorge and that must be recognized, for that reason we must thank the College and the sponsors”.

The president of the Ciudad Real College of Physicians, Concepción Villafánez, especially thanked the support of the collaborating companies that make these awards possible. She congratulated the MIR award, and the students for her initiative: “In this career as hard as Medicine, you are thinking that in your free time you are going to continue training, seeing other worlds, helping…”. He had a special mention for his Faculty, “young but very bright with excellent results, and by extension to the teaching team of the Faculty of Medicine for motivating them day by day, and of course, their families because they would not be what they are nor would they be where are if it weren’t for your support and dedication.

The Vice Dean of Academic Planning of the Ciudad Real Faculty of Medicine, Juan Ramón Peinado Mena, expressed his satisfaction at participating in this act. “I see well-known faces, for years I have seen their work, their effort and I would like to emphasize the word ‘scholarship’. It is competitive. You have competed with more students and it is not something easy to achieve”.

Miguel Ángel León Sánchez, regional director of Globalcaja, thanked the College for having the financial institution again, and the University for the excellent work it does. “It is a luxury to have a Faculty like this in Ciudad Real, one of the best in Spain”. Regarding the students, he commented that “you are the brilliant among the brilliant. I offer my most sincere congratulations, to you, to your parents and relatives who have collaborated in their children having this brilliance. What I ask of you, he joked, is that when you are some eminences you remember the Faculty, the College and these sponsors who recognized you in these first moments of your formation”.

For his part, Iván Morgado Agudo, regional director of the Mutual Médica center zone MUTUAL MÉDICA explained that this scholarship is part of the Impulsar(me) Program of the Mutual Médica Foundation, which oversees the development of the medical community from its beginnings as students until its retirement. , without neglecting the development of continuous training throughout the doctor’s career in his working life.” “All the Foundation’s initiatives are encompassed in three major programmes, the aforementioned Impulsar(me) which includes scholarships, prizes , training aimed at promoting the doctor in his professional career, the ‘Cuidar(me)’ program, which brings together all the actions that ensure and promote physical and mental health of the doctor, and the Concienciar(me)’ Program, which includes activities related to medical well-being and that of society in general”.

Ana Lucía Balsera García, AMA delegate in Ciudad Real, in addition to happiness to the scholarship recipients and winners, emphasized the excellent relationship between both institutions.

Finally, Manuel Martín de Almagro, financial director of Tresa Automoción, thanked the College of Physicians for the opportunity to collaborate because the award is not an expense but an investment with a return. A seed that is planted and harvested, hopefully, for the benefit of the city in which we carry out our activity. Congratulations to all the health workers who are always there.”

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