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In February last year, the music star’s father Nicki Minaj was killed by a driver who fled. Robert Maraj, was 64 at the time. Finally the driver was arrested by the police a few days later. Last week, there was something new in this case. According to information from CNNthe driver was sentenced to “no more than one year in prison” by the Nassau County judge.

Charles Polevich, the driver who killed the father of Nicki Minajthe famous American singer born in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago is now set on its fate. As a reminder, Robert Maraj was walking when he was “hit by an undescribed northbound vehicle that left the scene of the accident”. According to Mark Gann, a lawyer from Polevich, whose remarks were reported by CNN, the driver regrets what happened and which led to the death of the sexagenarian.

CNN quoting Brendan Brosch, spokesperson for Nassau County District Attorneyalso states in its report that Charles Polevich confessed last Friday to having fled after committing the irreparable act on February 12, 2021. In addition, M Polevich admitted to tampering with evidence. After pleading guilty to leaving the scene of the tragedy, Charles Polevich was sentenced to “no more than one year in prison”, with community service and license suspension, depending on M Brosh. The driver will have to appear on August 3 in court for the official conviction, informs CNN.

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