The curious relationship between Cardi B and Kim Kardashian

the rapper Cardi B. has always been very honest about her aesthetic touch-ups. In the early years of her career, the ‘WAP’ interpreter confessed that she had put biopolymers on her buttocks to increase her volume, which were recently removed. Now, during her participation in ‘The Jason Lee Podcast’, the rapper talked about her latest surgeries and the help she received from Kim Kardashian in finding the best plastic surgeons in America.

During the talk, Cardi B revealed that she had to undergo surgery on her nose due to a botched procedure with hyaluronic acid fillers. “Around 2018, 2019everyone was talking about the fillerswhich in theory allowed you to get a smaller nose without surgery”, began the rapper, who had always felt self-conscious about the size of her nose, which she had inherited from her father. “So I had fillers in my nose in 2019, and I think it’s important that I say that so that everyone is aware of it. I’m warning you: I did it, and it smashed my nose.revealed the interpreter.

The infiltration of fillers in his nose caused the opposite effect, so he only made his nose look “longer and wider”, for which he “had no choice” but to undergo surgery to solve the problem, and it finally did so “in 2020, after WAP”. To fix this situation, Cardi turned to Kim Kardashian for advice, receiving a detailed list of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. “I remember the time when we were at Kris’s house [Jenner] and Kim Kardashian gave me a list of people I could call to help me.” said. “I called a few of the people she recommended to me.”, he added. This way, the star of ‘The Kardashians’ used all her experience in the world of cosmetic surgeries to help her friend Cardi Bcreating an unexpected alliance between both celebrities.

Kim Kardashian and Cardi B

Cardi B defends aesthetic operations

The interpreter of ‘I Like It’ also revealed that she waited several months to be able to operate, and that the rumors that she had surgery as soon as she gave birth are just that, rumors, since “I had to wait literally seven months“, said. Likewise, Cardi B explained that “the complicated thing about many people” is that they think that “When you have surgery or something like that, you feel insecure about yourself or you hate yourself, and that’s not the truth (…) If I want to correct something, if I want to do something, something like… I’ll do it. I like to be perfect. I like a certain body type, like for me.” However, he admitted that he was “done” with the surgeries, as he feels that right now “I look great.”

For her part, Kim Kardashian has refused to talk about the number of surgeries she’s had, but given her extensive list of plastic surgeons, chances are there are many more than you can imagine.

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