the custody for his children with Gerard Piqué has already started

Many netizens have nicknamed the thunder between the Colombian singer Shakira and the soccer player Gerard Piqué as “the separation of the century”, since their breakup took everyone by surprise, since they seemed the perfect couple, two beautiful children in common and more than eleven years of relationship and although they were not married, they showed love, however, this would come to an end.

After more than a week it was rumored that the Spanish would have been unfaithful to the interpreter of “that you stay with me“She herself would be the one to announce her separation through a statement and ask for respect, as well as privacy. Much has been rumored in this case, they would draw many conclusions about whether he already had another person or trying to find out who the mysterious girl is That would come between the two of them.

Now, many of his followers are very curious to know what their separation will be like, since although they were not married they would be together for many years and two children in between that would be under discussion, in fact, through a video that they would share the program “The skinny and the fat“We would know that the fight for the custody of their children has already begun.

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In this video you can see the lawyer of Gerard Piqué attend the abode of the singer and the assistant of Shakira He has received it because he was carrying papers from the Spanish legal office and the fight for the custody of the two little ones who are the product of so many years of relationship between these two celebrities is already beginning.

Shakira: custody of her children with Gerard Piqué has already started, photo: instagram

Which was to be expected, because love had come to an end, so the legal procedures were already coming. Despite the fact that the entire internet already knows that they are not still together, neither of them has stopped following each other on their respective social networks, just as they have not deleted the photographs they have together, which shows a lot of maturity in the process they are carrying out. .

And although much is rumored that “Congratulations“One of the Colombian’s most recent singles is a very direct hint for the Spaniard, neither of them have used their official accounts to talk about it, they continue to lead their careers and normal lives, as if nothing was happening.

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