The dazzling looks of Sienna Miller in Ibiza that conquered the European summer

Sienna Miller It became a fashion trend this summer due to the versatile outfits with which it was photographed in recent weeks. His fans took on the task of investigating where each of the garments came from that the Hollywood star was wearing and it was concluded that her vacations were filled with some firms such as Dolce & Gabanna, Mango, Dior, Hermes and Prada, but also other swimwear brands not as recognized as the latter.

The model looked dazzling in different scenarios in which the cameras caught up with her. Fortunately for all his followers, the clothes he wore were already known and now he has become an icon of summer clothing. Miller is in Ibiza, in the middle of a vacation with her friends Cara Delevingne and Lady Mary Charteris, according to information from monsters and critics.

Sienna Miller was caught in Ibiza with a yellow bikini
Sienna Miller was caught in Ibiza with a yellow bikini@styleofsiennamiller/Instagram

Apparently the trio of artists hung out in the Mediterranean Sea and the paparazzi took the opportunity to highlight Sienna’s outfits. It is no secret to anyone that the British-American is a fashion designer, so she enjoys wearing clothes that go according to her style and that break all the schemes in each season.

On this specific beach she was captured with a yellow bikini of the brand Bond-eye Swim which was accompanied with golden earrings. In addition, she looked quite elegant with a sober necklace, also gold, which finished her look. A jewelry very much in her style and that she combined with her beach outfit. As for her hairstyle, she wore her hair up, but with a relaxed style. She let some sort of bangs fall over her cheek for a more natural look.

Sienna Miller her bikini You are
Sienna Miller her bikini You are@styleofsiennamiller/Instagram

Miller’s summer was relevant to the world of fashion. Last month she was also photographed in the middle of a sunbath in the exclusive accommodation place from St Tropez, In the south of france. She spent most of her time there, enjoying the amenities of the French Riviera with her daughter Ella Marlowe and her boyfriend Oli Green.

On this occasion, she was seen wearing a two-piece swimsuit from the brand Eres, in beige. Her face looked calm and relaxed next to her daughter, who was born as a result of her relationship with actor Tom Sturridge.

Another of the outfits that most liked on social networks was the two-piece string bikini also from the brand Eres, in a color between purple and brown. In that snapshot, she especially was observed with her friend Cara Delevingne. Her outfit was a little more relaxed, as she accompanied it with a red hat that did not match so much and a kind of blanket to cover the back of her swimsuit.

Sienna Miller in a Mango outfit
Sienna Miller in a Mango outfit@styleofsiennamiller/Instagram

While Sienna didn’t share anything about her vacation because she’s a fairly private celebrity, she doesn’t even have any photos posted on her Instagram account, the media and their fans are responsible for giving the details of all their sightings.

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