The definitive timeline of the love story between Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker


Anniversaries are the right time to take stock. In short, take stock to see how it goes and how it could proceed. I don’t know if Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker they did the same a few days, while celebrated their first year together, but if not we replace them and we take the opportunity to put on paper the final timeline of their love story. For a few months the couple has come out into the open, but the beginnings are rather nebulous.

APRIL 2020

if Kendall it is the most discreet of the clan KardashianJenner there will be a reason. In fact, it is practically impossible to reconstruct with certainty when and how they met. The first photo together dates back to April last year: they are photographed together as they get in the car at Sedona in Arizona. At the time, the photo made a lot of discussion even for the United States were in a lockdown similar to ours: the invitation was, exactly as in Italy, to stay at home with their cohabitants. Very likely then that the couple spent the quarantine together.


In the previous months there are a few sightings here and there and a bit of comments from people close to the two who described them as inseparable, lovers of the same things, such as traveling or eating junk food, and very spontaneous and close-knit. However, in October it is clear that things have become serious: Booker appears in the photos of the exclusive mega party on a private island for the 40 years of Kim Kardashian. As proof that the official presentations, in the family, there have been.


The most attentive had already noticed, in the previous weeks, some social comments on their respective posts, but nothing too sure. We know it well: if the relationship, between celebs, is serious it becomes public on Instagram. Said fact: at the beginning of the year, the basketball player placed on his stories a photo of Kendall Jenner in bikini with an explanatory “whew”. All doubts were dispelled: the couple came out into the open.


However, so far there has been a lack of romance. Time one month and, on the occasion of Valentine, the couple publishes some sweet shots on their Instagram stories. They are beautiful and adorable, there is little to do.

JUNE 2021

The first anniversary together. Apparently, the next step would be the wedding now: according to various rumors, Booker he would already be thinking of proposing to Kendall. Also, during a confessional in one of the last episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashian, the model explained that the quarantine made her realize that she would very much like to have children soon. Something tells me that the next update of this time line will be the date of their wedding: we hope a little because we go crazy for these happy endings!


Are Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker a couple?

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