The demanding CrossFit exercise of actor Kerem Bürsin

        Turkish soap opera actor Kerem Bursin, known in Spain for the series Love is in the air It has become a good fitness benchmark for its muscles. And watch out for the new video that he has published on his instagram account giving CrossFit a shot.

        Bursin, in addition to being very defined, is very strong. And as this cross training exercise, known as peck board, shows, and which consists of climbing a board with holes anchored to the wall. With a couple of sticks, it’s all about going up and down getting them into the holes. In addition to needing a very strong upper body, core and abdominal work is essential to improve the technique of this movement, which puts you in great shape and is a test of whether you’re strong or not. (The CrossFit workout at home).

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        Tips for doing the CrossFit peck board like Kerem Bürsin

        -The first thing is to measure the ascent with your chin and that it exceeds the handles. Since if we try to ascend more, it will cause more fatigue.

        -Try to keep your elbows close to the peg board at all times, as it will serve as a kind of support point.

        -Do not climb vertically and with a rigid body, make a slight swing.

        -Stay as a block at all times.

        And don’t rush downstairs. (‘Redemption’: the wildest WOD of a CrossFit Games).


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