‘The devil wears fashion’ turns 16 and this is how Anne Hathaway remembers it

The Devil Wears Prada’ turns 16 and its protagonist, Anne Hathawayanticipated the festivities and linked the theme of the film with the reproductive rights in the United States.

In a post on Instagram, the actress shared photos of some of the iconic outfits who dressed as Andy Sachs’, the character he played in the film alongside Mary Streep Y Emily Blunt.

The first on the list is the black dress, stockings, boots and long jacket set, the latter from the Chanel signs. At the same time, he recognized the work of Patricia Fieldthe designer who devised all the looks of the tape.

“Happy Anniversary to #TheDevilWearsPrada, with special love to the amazing @patriciafield. She gave us the most incredible, iconic, joyous outfits that somehow still hold up 16 years later.”

Anne Hathaway recalled that the film shaped and boosted the careers of many people, including his own, in a country that respected the reproductive right of people.

“I am amazed at the fact that the young female characters in this film built their lives and careers in a country that honored their right to have choice over their own reproductive health.”

He pointed out that the fight continues in relation to the fact that last week the Supreme Court of The United States eliminated the constitutional right to abortion after nearly 50 years.


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