THE DREAM FACTORY by Chiara Sani. Angelina Jolie will be Maria Callas in the new biopic by Pablo Larraìn

It will be a great challenge for Jolie to play the role of the most famous soprano in the world.

The actress will be Maria Callas in the film entitled ‘Maria’under the direction of the Chilean Pablo Larraìn (‘Spencer’, ‘Jackie’, ‘Neruda’).

The project will try to explore and retrace the “tumultuous, beautiful and tragic” experience of the great opera singer, born on 2 December 1923 in New York and died on 16 September 1977, in her apartment in Paris. This film will also be produced by Lorenzo Mieli for Italian production ‘The Apartment Pictures’.

Angelina Jolie said she feels a strong responsibility in embodying such an icon and will do everything to do it justice, moreover she has long wanted to work with Pablo Larraìn:

“I take the responsibility of recounting Mary’s life and the legacy she left us very seriously. I will give everything I can to meet the challenge. Pablo Larraìn is a director I have admired for a long time. Having the chance to tell more of Maria’s story with him and with a script written by Steven Knight is a dream. “

These days Angelina is busy editing her fifth film as a director, ‘Without Blood’shot between Rome and Puglia.

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