The enigmatic video of JLo that awakens theories about his career

“It was one of the best years so far! I can’t wait for everything that will come next year… ”, was the epigraph that Jennifer Lopez wrote in a video posted on her Instagram account, where she chose to share her most significant moments of 2022 together with Ben Affleck and their work projects.

2022 was truly a year of joy and success for JLo, who premiered “Marry Me” with Owen Wilson and Maluma; she married Ben Affleck, giving herself a new chance in love more than 20 years after her separation; and also she announced that a new album is coming for this 2023 that is beginning: “This is me… Now”.

The arrival of the new year was celebrated by “the Diva of the Bronx” from her Hollywood mansion, at least that’s how it could be seen through another audiovisual that she posted on her Instagram account, where she is followed by more than 230 million people. The fact that her followers observed is that Ben Affleck was absent from such published content.

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With a very low-cut dress in red and black, the singer wore glasses with the number 2023, while she made a symbolic toast with her fans on the social network of the camera. The song chosen to accompany the video was “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” by Ella Fitzgerald.

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But what many netizens saw was a numerical detail that caused a certain mystery in relation to the future of JLo. Next to the glass of champagne and a golden party object, you can see a cupcake with the number legend “2028”. Although the artist has not made statements in this regard, Internet users were disoriented with such food.

But, instead, some users of the social network stated that what happened was a visual illusion, since the decoration of the cupcake has wanted to be “2023” and the stroke of the last number turned it into an “8”.

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