The Evil Within 2, Chicken Police and three other games can now be downloaded for free on PC

The Amazon Prime subscription service has revealed the free games that we can enjoy if we are subscribers, in this case, with the Prime Gaming plan for PC, which we remember, brings various advantages to all its users, from extra items in games Free to Playeven offers and free gamesTo start the year, Jeff Bezos’ company has given away six games, several of them unmissable.

Topping the list is The Evil Within 2the horror adventure developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, a title of great importance that is worth trying, especially now that it is completely freeon the other hand, we also find a police adventure point and clickis about beat copwhere we must unravel the mysteries of a murder.

Following the detective trend, we find Chicken Policewhich moves by gender not to gowith great amounts of humor and a surreal story like few others. For fans of puzzles, they arrive Faraway 2a game of side scroll set on a dark planet Earth and disconcerting, where we must unravel the mysteries of a world very different from the one we knew before.

Nothing says “happy new year” more than “new free games”.

And finally, the list comes to an end with Breathedge Y Lawn Mowing Simulatorthe first is a survival game in outer space where, where again we are a chicken and we must create tools, pilot vehicles and control spaceshipsby last, Lawn Mowing Simulator is the lawn mowing simulator that has a wide variety of licenses from manufacturers in that industry, and it is a game that was free last year on the Epic Games Store.

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With this, we start the year on the right foot for all Amazon Prime subscribers, let’s remember that we can claim for free in another promotion apart Dishonored 2 until the end of January, as well as taking advantage of all the offers on free games that Prime Gaming offers to users.

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