The Expendables 2 memes about Chuck Norris also hit Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone insisted on including a famous Chuck Norris fact in the screenplay of The Expendables 2; apparently, even the actor was struck by the legends that revolve around his colleague.

Apparently, too Sylvester Stallone was impressed by the so-called Chuck Norris facts, to the point that he insisted on Chuck Norris to insert in the script de The Mercenaries 2 one of the well-known goliardic ideas that made the fame of the protagonist of Walker Texas Ranger.

After involving Chuck Norris in The Mercenaries 2, Sylvester Stallone asked the actor to incorporate one of the well-known Chuck Norris facts into the script. Gena O’Kelly – wife of Walker Texas Ranger protagonist – suggested the one involving the cobra, namely: “Chuck Norris was once bitten by a cobra, and after five days of unspeakable pain and suffering … The cobra is dead!”.

The Chuck Norris facts are an online phenomenon involving the figure of the protagonist of Walker Texas Ranger and which consists in the dissemination of false news for a goliardic purpose. These numerous bits of information have to do with Chuck Norris’ strength and masculinity. Here are some examples!

The phenomenon initially drew on the lines of Conan O’Brien (host of the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien), who often targeted Chuck Norris or his character in Walker Texas Ranger, and then proliferated independently. The Expendables 2 is the last film in which Chuck Norris starred – 7 years after The Cutter – The diamond trafficker.

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