The failed resurgence of Halle Berry, the first black woman to win an Oscar

They hung the Oscar curse sign on him years ago and he hasn’t been able to shake it off. Halle Berry made movie history by becoming the first black performer to win the golden statuette for best actress for her role in ‘Monster’s Ball’ and, instead of rising, her career entered a gradual decline from which she has not been able to recover. At 55 years of her age, the prolonged silences away from the screen have become a habit.

Two decades have passed since he went into shock after hearing his name at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Trembling and in tears, I tried to use a coherent speech to thank such a distinction. The world believed that it was the consecration of a star after its premiere a year earlier in the ‘X-Men’ saga, but it was not.

a dud

She herself assumed that her life would improve almost instantly. “I thought all these great scripts would start falling on my side, that all these great directors would start knocking on my door,” she said in an interview with Variety magazine. “However, that didn’t happen. In fact, things got a little more difficult. They call it the Oscar curse. They expect you to continue to deliver award-winning performances.”

It was rather the opposite. Later titles like ‘Gothika’ or ‘Catwoman’ received harsh criticism and quickly diluted the effect of the Academy Award. In fact, the superhero tape based on the DC comic served him to take the Razzie for worst actress. His star began to fade and Berry began an endless fight to restore his reputation that still seems to endure today.

his last works

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the Cleveland actress made her behind-the-scenes debut with ‘Bruised’, a film in which she herself stars and in which she plays the role of the UFC fighter Jackie ‘Pretty Bull’ Justice. They premiered at the Toronto festival in September and Netflix bought it later, without much replay.

also had no luck with ‘moon fall’, a sci-fi feature film by Roland Emerich that ended up becoming a box office hit earlier in the year. It raised $59 million against a budget of about $138 million. The attempts to take it off so far have not had the expected result.

Reasons for each

There are several factors that could explain his particular trajectory in the cinema, from the scarcity of important roles to the lack of diversity in Hollywood at the beginning of the 21st century or his complicated personal life, dotted with divorces, accusations of physical assaults by his former partners and a notorious battle for the custody of his daughter with the Canadian model Gabriel Autry, among other lurid off-screen episodes.

berry has been installed now in a low profile, Away from the public eye, in a seemingly quiet relationship with singer Van Hunt since 2020. Whether or not she makes a comeback, no one can argue with the many trophies in her windows, from the young model sleeping in a New York homeless shelter to the highest-paid actress in Hollywood at the height of her career. A woman who has broken barriers, which is an admirable story of overcoming, with or without a curse.

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