The false myths about EVs disproved (smiling) by Matteo

the false myths about EVsThe false myths about EVs debunked by our friend YouTuber Matteo Valenza. On the web you can read about everything, by more or less interested haters. Let’s see them: text + video

EV myths / Do electric cars really pollute more than diesel?

One of the most popular bales among electro-skeptics is: “Electric cars pollute more than diesel“. On the road, an electric car does not pollute at all. The only emissions come from tires and brakes. The first because they slowly disintegrate on the asphalt. The latter are consumed until they are transformed into powders which are dispersed into the environment. But using regenerative braking a set of pads lasts at least 60,000 km. It is not the electric car that pollutes (and emits CO2), but those who produce it, starting from the extraction of rare earths that are used for batteries. At the moment the most polluting method is the crushing of rocks to obtain lithium. But, considering the whole life cycle, in general an electric “stops” to pollute exceeded 40,000 km. While a diesel continues forever. In the case of electricity, pollution is restricted to a specific area (that of production) and not to where we circulate. The batteries? They are now 97% recyclable.

the false myths about the evMyths about EVs Do you need to change the battery after 8 years?

The battery does not change, it is repaired, says Matteo. Everyone thinks that after a maximum of 8 years the battery must be replaced, It is not so. The car battery is not like the cell phone battery (consisting of a single cell). When we talk about the battery of an electric car we are referring to a battery pack, made up of many small cells mounted in series. These batteries are subjected to severe stresses, both in terms of temperature and power, and therefore they tend to degrade. Battery packs today can degrade up to 20% in about ten years. And once exhausted they can be used for other functions, or analyzed and regenerated at an acceptable cost. A battery can take us for a walk for about 600,000 km, as several show Tesla still out and about with this “seniority”.

the false myths about EVsRecharging an electric car pollutes and energy is not enough for everyone: really?

Contrary to what many believe, the energy with which an electric car is recharged it is not produced from coal. Many managers provide energy 100% green. Furthermore, it is impossible that the energy is not enough. This would mean being able to replace in a very short time all thermal cars with electric cars. And even in this case … Right now the energy production is already above the current demand. No blackout risk in sight for the moment! There may be problems with consumption peaks, but even on this we are gearing up and cars, if anything, can serve to stabilize the network. Acting as mobile accumulators.

It takes hours to recharge and autonomy is never enough: sure?

Driving long stretches of road without ever stopping is not possible for electric cars? Maybe, but maybe not even with petrol or diesel cars it is prudent to do very long shifts at the wheel without ever detaching. As with trucks, cars should also be prohibited from standing on the road for many hours in a row. And if a thermal car takes 15 hours (never stopping) to go from Aosta to Taormina, an electric one like Matteo’s takes about 18 hours (3 hours of parking included). The difference is not that great! Many prefer thermal cars since, too in case of emergency, it is easier and faster to refuel. To the question “How do you go to the hospital with 5% battery?“, Matteo ironically advises to… call the ambulance. If you have an urgency and the electric car is at 5% your range is not over: you are still capable of drive about 20 km. When you don’t really know something, it’s easy to get swayed. This is why it is important to inform yourself.

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