The film about the trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard has been shot at full speed, it opens this month and these are its protagonists

Sometimes, and only sometimes, the entertainment industry can be little more than a flock of birds of prey, ready to extract the juice from any controversial topic, no matter how fresh the corpse still is; And we only have to go back to a couple of weeks ago, when Discovery+ announced its documentary ‘The Hammer Saga: Scandal and Perversion’, to see the latest example of it.

The trial of the summer

Given the precedents, it was a matter of time before some company –or several– sank their claws into one of the most mediatic cases of 2022: the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. A tremendously juicy lawsuit that has prompted HBO Max to release not one, but two docuseries just over three months after the jury ruled in favor of Depp. But that is not all.

As reported by Deadline, the Tubi platform will debut at the end of September ‘Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial’; a TV Movie focused on the judicial process whose production process was recently accelerated in order to launch it as soon as possible. But we already know that the rush is for fellow travelers…

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard & 11 Other Hollywood Stars Who Were Charged In Court (And How It Affected Their Careers)

But, once this information is known, the most important thing remains to be known: who are the interpreters in charge of giving life to the conflictive protagonists of the story. These will be none other than Mark Hapk —’Parallels’—y Megan Davis —with credits as secondary in series like ‘Two broke girls’ or ‘Bones’— and whose resemblances to Depp and Heard are, in the absence of characterization, somewhat vague.

‘Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial’, written by Guy Nicolucci —’Late Night with Conan O’Brien’— and directed by Sarah Lohmann —’Good Satan’— will premiere on Tubi next September 30th and, if only for pure morbidity, I have no doubt that it will find its audience.

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