The final punishment for Independiente de Argentina until it pays Club América

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

On Tuesday the verdict of the FIFA so that the Independiente team had a reduction of points, so when it was analyzed by the Highest Soccer Organization it was determined that this could not be, so the America club would have to take another measure in order to get them paid what is owed for Cecilio Dominguez.

The Argentine team announced that they tried to pay the team of Coapa in a divided way, but the blue-cream set needed it to be given in a single exhibition. In this way, the situation continued to be complex between the two, which is why in America they were looking for another punishment to be imposed in order to resolve it.

FIFA resolution

The plan was that the team could not sign more players, but that legal agreement could not be made in a timely manner, so now, before FIFA, it was established that “El Rojo” cannot register any of the next players until the debt has been paid in full, taking into account that the footballer in question has already been sold.

In accordance with Julio Ibanez, the resolution is in favor of the Eagles who got this last request, so there are no more options for the team. Before looking for a team in the summer market, which is the largest, they will have to pay the Mexican team so they can do it, if they want to.

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