The five essential exercises in training to lose fat or be stronger

When planning the training, whether you want to lose some weight, keep fit or increase your muscle mass, it is important to choose a good routine. Although the essential thing is to adapt it to each person, according to their physical condition, goals and lifestyle, it must be taken into account that not all exercises achieve the same results. Alejandro Celdrancoach and teacher of Physical Education in Secondary School, tells us that “the most interesting are the global or multi-joint exercises, that require coordination of different muscle groups, with full ranges of motion. This is not to say that isolation exercises (such as biceps or triceps) cannot be used to make you stronger, but they should not be a significant part of your workouts.”

The expert has chosen the 5 exercises, which for him are essential. If you are constant, and combine them with a healthy lifestyle, you will see results quickly. Although, logically, it is advisable to also do other training, with these you ensure a very effective routine both to lose fat and to be stronger, because you work the whole body.


With the squats mainly work on quadriceps. It is one of the exercises that can never be missing in a routine. But it is important do them well, so as not to suffer injuries and get the most out of them. Alejandro Celdrán recommends “resting your heels on the ground, putting your feet and knees facing outwards, bending your knees while the hips go back and go down as vertically as possible, without bending your trunk or chest, otherwise the back will not be straight Look ahead. Breathing is key for the abdomen to be strong, so think about taking a breath standing up and submerging yourself in a pool to breathe again standing up. Do it with control, don’t let yourself fall. It is an exercise that requires practice. Extra tip: remember that there is depth, that your hip goes below the knee line 90º”.

Dead weight

It is one of the most complex exercises and that, in principle, can impose more, when it has never been done, but it is another essential according to the expert. With the dead weight hamstrings, glutes and lower back are worked. To do it correctly, Alejandro Celdrán advises: “place the tibia 4-5 centimeters from the bar, so that the bar seen from above splits your foot in 2. Feet open with shoulder width and grab the bar a little more open to your feet. When grabbing the bar, in order of height from the ground, the knee must be first, then the hips and finally the shoulders. Make sure your back is straight. Put tension on your elbows, push your chest out and go up. Think about pushing your feet off the ground and driving your hips forward very hard.To go down, bring your hips back and the bar goes down on its own. advanced trick: rotate the elbows back before pulling the bar to lower the scapulae and have more strength in the upper part of the back.”

Choose global exercises to work various muscle groups.
Choose global exercises to work various muscle groups. – Pexels

bench press

With the bench press pectoral, shoulder and triceps are worked. As in the previous ones, having a good technique is essential to avoid injuries and maximize results. The expert advises: “place your feet on the ground and buttocks and head in contact with the bench. Take the bar with a width between the 2 rings, where you feel more comfortable and perform that rotation of the elbows with your arms straight. He brings the bar to touch the middle-lower part of the pectoral and goes up as fast as possible drawing an imaginary straight line along its path”.

Rowing with bar at 45º

To work the entire back, Alberto Celdrán advises the 45 degree barbell row. “Take a weight not very high at the beginning. The width of the bar should be somewhat greater than our shoulders. Stand up and bring your hip back a little, until you form that 45º. From there, think about taking the bar from our knees to touch the middle area of ​​the abdomen, always keeping our back straight and without pulling. The back and head have to be straight.”

Contralateral Dead Bug

We cannot forget an area that worries everyone, because it tends to accumulate a lot of fat: the abdomen. To work, Alberto Celdrán advises performing a contralateral dead bug. “We lie on our backs with our knees raised above our hips and our arms stretched over our shoulders. At the same time and with coordination we will bring one hand and opposite foot to touch the ground in a controlled manner, when we return to the starting position, we start on the other side”. The expert warns, “there is a very common mistakewhich should be avoided: raise head or do it uncontrollably”.

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