The Flash: the release canceled? Warner’s 3 options after the Ezra Miller controversies

The film The Flash threatens ?

After the cancellation of the release of the film Batgirl on HBO Max, The Flash – expected in cinemas in 2023, is it threatened? This is the question currently asked on everyone’s lips in the USA. If the film carried by Ezra Miller is not considered qualitatively disappointing by WB / DC, unlike the project directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, it poses today a real moral problem.

In question ? For several months now, Ezra Miller – who would be subject to psychological concerns, has been a chain of controversy. After being accused of violence during a stay in Hawaii and being suspected of kidnapping, he has just been charged with burglary in the city of Stamford, in the State of Vermont (USA) for facts which date back to the month of may.

The three scenarios considered by Warner Bros.

A behavior that logically worries the leaders of Warner Bros, because against the values ​​conveyed by the studio. Also, although the release of the film The Flash is not scheduled before June 21, 2023, several options are being considered in the offices in order to best manage this situation and avoid the slightest shitstorm. According to the Hollywood Reporter, three scenarios are already on the table today.

First scenario: the 29-year-old star, who would be accompanied by her mother and back at the family home, finally accepts the help of a professional. In this case, and after a suitable time, an interview would be organized with a major media during which Ezra Miller would explain his past behavior and apologize. They would participate in a limited promo, but the film would be released in theaters.

Second scenario: in the event that Ezra Miller would not accept medical help, the film would still be released in theaters but the star of the film would simply be deprived of promotion to avoid badbuzz AND would not appear in any advertising and marketing operations. Above all, they would be recast for potential new projects. The name of Dylan O’Brien (the Labyrinth) is already mentioned.

Third scenario: in the event of a negative evolution of the situation of Ezra Miller, the studio would then decide to kill the film. Contrary to what one might think, it would indeed be impossible to return all the scenes of Ezra with another actor because his character, Barry Allen, would be omnipresent in the film and the star would play several versions of Barry. So that would ruin Warner.

An (almost) impossible cancellation?

To date, these three options seem to be seriously studied by Warner. Despite everything, the third scenario – although probable, has for the moment very little chance of being validated. In question ? Contrary to Batgirl which had a small budget because intended for HBO Max, The Flash has already cost over $200 millionwhich would be complicated to erase tablets.

Above all, even though Ezra Miller was already at the center of various controversies last spring, Warner validated and financed reshoots there in order to continue to improve the film, the first test screenings of which proved satisfactory. And on this occasion, the interpreter of Barry would not have posed any problem on the set, which would have relieved everyone.

What to understand that WB and DC still believe a lot in this film and that they are not really ready to let go.

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