‘The Forbidden City’, the new film by Sandra Bullock

  • Sandra Bullock’s look at the premiere of ‘The Forbidden City’.
  • Brad Pitt, much more than the handsome Hollywood.

    It is one of the most anticipated releases of spring. A film that combines comedy, action and adventure and a cast with a selection of the best in Hollywood: Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Da’Vine Joy Randolph… and Sandra Bullock In which, as she herself has assured, it could be her last film for a while (she announced just a few days ago that she would temporarily stop her career to dedicate herself to taking care of her children).

    ‘The Forbidden City’ arrives on April 13 in Spanish cinemas to tell the story of Loretta Sage (Bullock), a writer of romantic adventure novels set in exotic locations and starring an attractive heartthrob whose real name is Alan (Channing Tatum) and he’s a model.

    During a tour to promote her new book with Alan, a strange billionaire named Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps her to tell him the whereabouts of the lost city in which her story takes place. The model launches to the rescue of Loretta and they will embark on a great adventure through the jungle in which they will have to put aside their differences and learn to collaborate to survive the elements and find the ancient treasure before it is lost forever.

    In order to shoot the movie she always wanted, an action and adventure film, Sandra Bullock founded her own production company under the name, Fortis Films. According to the actress, “We knew we were being ambitious in terms of our goals… but we also knew we had to achieve it. A movie like this couldn’t work if the different tones don’t come together in harmony. The central characters are a a self-enclosed author and model, who couldn’t be more out of place in the jungle, or any natural setting for that matter. In fact, these types of people are the jungle’s favorite breakfast. The best they could do is seal yourself up in an air-conditioned building.

    the lost city sandra bullock brad pitt channing tatum

    Kimberly French

    One of the funniest cameos in the film is that of Brad Pitt, who plays Jack Trainer, an ex-Marine now dedicated to yoga and rescuing hostages while quoting phrases from Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching. “Brad used a very special perspective to approach his character,” explains Bullock. “Trainer is a Buddhist, a man of the land, very hippie. Alan is always circling around him, like a Labrador puppy.” Tatum especially enjoyed it because he’s one of his idols: “I’m always scared to meet my idols or people I look up to,” he explains, “because there’s always the fear of bursting the bubble. But Brad is all I’ve ever known.” you wanted me to be Brad Pitt. It was really amazing that he agreed to do this role.”

    Another of the casual protagonists of ‘The Lost City’, which has been directed by the brothers Adam and Aaron Nee (who are now preparing the film version of ‘Masters of the universe’) FIt was the purple glitter jumpsuit that Sandra Bullock wears throughout much of the footage. A somewhat uncomfortable garment for adventures in the jungle but that, without a doubt, will become an icon of the film and one of the most remembered dresses in cinema. The protagonists of him tell us about him in this video, don’t miss it!

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