The forceful message that Ángela Aguilar dedicated to her ex-boyfriend in full concert

Ángela Aguilar appeared a few days ago at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, Jalisco, performing her best-known songs and those that her audience likes the most. There was a moment in the middle of the recital in which the young singer took some time to clarify the controversy that arose when some photographs of her very caramelized with the composer Gussy Lau were leaked.

A few days ago the composer Gussy Lau shared with his fans his pain after Angela Aguilar said through a video on her Instagram account that she was disappointed to have trusted who she should not have trusted. She now once again the daughter of Pepe Aguilar He left his followers open-mouthed, who are aware of what the singer does or publishes.

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