The founder of the local company Empire Gas dies

company management Empire Gas reported the death of Mr. Ramón González Cordero, founder and owner of the conglomerate that since 1967 has been serving uninterruptedly industry, hospitals, commerce and homes in Puerto Rico.

“Accompanied by his family during his stay in the hospital, today with much pain we inform that our father Ramón González Cordero has left, a ‘Puerto Rican jíbaro’ who, with the help of his family and in the space provided by the marquee of his home, managed to start a small liquefied gas distribution company, which today is the leading industry in providing energy and liquefied gas to all of Puerto Rico,” said his son Ramón González Simounet, vice president of the Empire Gas Group.

Under the motto, “Service, service, service”, Mr. Ramón González Cordero shaped an entire marketing strategy that allowed him 55 years later to be the provider of more than 500 jobs, where hundreds of families depend on the labor support generated in “La Compañía Jíbara”, a slogan used for the business that provides about 80% of the propane gas supply in Puerto Rico with revenues exceeding $150 million annually.

Don Ramón, a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, began his career at Esso Gas in 1953, visiting customers door-to-door and promoting the use of propane gas. Back then, he had to show his potential customers how to cook on gas stoves and not leave stains on the pots. Then, after 13 years at Esso Gas, he decided to found his own company.

This Puerto Rican managed to involve his entire family in his business, especially his wife Ketty Simounet de Gonzalez (recently deceased) considered co-founder of the Empire Gas Group. His children Ketty, Waleska, Ramón and Xavier have also been key in the strengthening and development of the Empire Gas Group, which marks the admiration of connoisseurs of the liquefied gas industry, not only in Puerto Rico, but also in the United States.

“My father was born in San Juan, raised and raised in a life of hardship, he always had the vision and goal that ‘tomorrow would be better than today.’ Known is his ability to analyze the opportunities offered by the liquefied gas distribution business, understanding that in most food companies, homes and kitchens in hospitals or prisons in the country, he was able to make his closest collaborators understand that fuel that they work is a permanent necessity. Thus, over the years, and with the humility that always accompanied him, Mr. Ramón González Cordero witnessed the country’s industrial changes, always managing to place our business brand at the forefront of great initiatives,” said the vice president of the EmpireGas Group.

Accompanied by his children and wife, for decades Don Ramón González Cordero built his small empire of services, friendship; above all, a stable corporation that has allowed the development of the economy of Puerto Rico. As a leader in the propane gas industry, he assures that this is a safe, reliable and beneficial fuel for the environment, which has been endorsed by industry experts.

For connoisseurs of the liquefied gas industry, the vision, dedication and efforts of Mr. Ramón González Cordero bore fruit when heto place its Puerto Rican company, Empire Gas, among the first ten companies with the largest distribution in the United Stateswhich clearly marks having crossed borders in corporate growth and success.

Still 89 years old, the founder of the Empire Gas Group was attentive to the development of the industry, allowing his children and grandchildren to become involved in the complex and specialized world of liquefied gas distribution and storage.

The Empire Gas Group has been a leader and pioneer of energy generation initiatives with innovative energy self-sufficiency projects such as those operating at Hospital La Concepción in San Germán and Hospital Menonita in Caguas. In addition, the group has become a company that designs and offers energy cogeneration systems and microgrids, which has managed to lower the cost of electricity with the benefit of offering a stable, secure energy supply, above all; friendly and protective of the environment.

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