The good life of Fidel Castro’s grandson in Cayo Santa María: ‘There is always an eye that sees you’, Sandro Castro

Sandro Castro, grandson of the late Fidel Castro, continues to surround himself with luxury and enjoy the good life that for most Cubans is unattainable. The young man was recorded in Cayo Santa Mariaapparently last weekend, while participating in a beach party with his girlfriend and other close people.

Sandrito Castrín, I’m watching you right now“This is how the user identified as Un_martitodurako8_live_oficial published on his Instagram account, where Castro is seen at a festive event by the sea, talking with his girlfriend Laura Daniela Álvarez.

In the video there is a elevated platform with large screens and several people around Sandro Castrosome of them in front of the young man, in a watchful position.

The same account shared images of the same moment on the beach. “There is always an eye that sees you”, was one of the comments of the users.

Although Sandro Castro’s Instagram account does not contain any publication that refers to his stay on the beach, his girlfriend does share photos of her in a bikini on the same social networkapparently in the hotel room where they stayed.

#FidelCastro’s grandson, Sandro Castro, is recorded at a beach party… in #CayoSantaMaría. Luxuries that follow…

Posted by DIARIO DE CUBA on Thursday, April 7, 2022

Sandro Castro owns at least three nightclubs in Havana: EFE Bar, Fantaxy and Space.

The Fidel Castro’s grandson apologized last year after a video was released showing him inside a Mercedes in Cuba, in the midst of the serious deficiencies suffered by Cubans. According to what he said, the car was borrowed.

The objective of my words is to apologize to the Cubans who are inside Cubaoutside of Cuba, people close to me, my relatives, anyone who has felt offended by the video that has been reverberating on social networks in recent days. I am not interested in social networks or popularity, I am a simple person, and that is how I consider myself. People close to me know that what I say is true“He said last March.

Sandro Castro’s attitude in the Mercedes was criticized by his uncle Alex Castro Soto del Valle and the singer Israel Rojas on social networks. “A rotten potato does not indicate that all the potatoes in the sack are bad, checking well is wiseAlex Castro said.Greatness is not hereditary. You can be brilliant even if you are born in a cradle of straw,” said the member of the duo Buena Fe.

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