“The house of celebrities 2” already has its second eliminated this week

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As the polls had announced, luck was not on the side of Brenda Zambrano, who became the second personality to say goodbye to “The House of Celebrities”, after being eliminated thanks to the popular vote of the audience.

Natalia Alcócer, Nacho Casano and Brenda Zambrano They were the three nominees this week, being the last actress who left the property, where she gave little to talk about, because during her stay she kept a low profile and trusted that her followers would keep her.

Zambrano was considered one of the celebrities with the largest number of fans supporting her, therefore, her elimination left more than one of the inhabitants surprised, in addition to making it very clear that nothing is written and everything can happen in a night of elimination.

The actress is the second eliminated from LCDLF2

Alcócer was the first participant to return home, after being saved by vote of the viewers. A few seconds after her arrival she commented: “Good always wins and people know that I am being sincere.”

But the public also decided to give the actor a new chance. Nacho Casano, who a few days ago was accused by Mayeli Alonso of being a stalker, since he had a difficult experience with him during his stay in the property.

Well, Alonso assured that Nacho spied on her when she was bathing and although the actor apologized for the alleged confusion, the ex of Lupillo Rivera I am very upset about this situation.

Here the moment of the elimination of Brenda Zambrano

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