The impressive sandwich with which Jennifer Lawrence says calm her nerves

Jennifer Lawrence has quite particular food tastes, but above all exotic

It has recently been revealed that the actress Jennifer Lawrence She acknowledged that after winning the Oscar in its 85th edition, she had a crisis of fame that made her lose control over her decisions and her own life. Fame is not something that everyone can handle, nor is it a pressure that many want to submit to.

However, there are many ways to lower the anxiety crises that can arise in actors due to this exposure, and one of them is food, something that Jennifer Lawrence He is very clear, since he has said repeatedly, and without trying to seem like an unreal person, that one of his weaknesses is eating.

But, How strange can the tastes of this famous young Hollywood actress be? We tell you.

It was recently known that Jennifer Lawrence has quite particular food tastes, but above all exotic, Well, the actress has revealed that she loves chili, and spicy food, like the one normally made in the Hindu culture, which seasons all her dishes, and also adds a spicy tone, a delight for the palate.

Between these strange tastes, and mixtures of flavors, she has created her own favorite dish: “Jennifer Lawrence’s Chili Pizza Sandwich”a recipe that does not have any complexity or special preparations, since it is simply a matter of joining two pieces of pizza and putting a little chili and nodles in the middle.

“You take a slice of pizza, you put some chili with nodles on it, like in the southern recipe, and then you cover it with another slice, and you eat it as if it were a sandwich,” he explained. Jennifer Lawrence, to show everyone how she likes to eat pizza, and lower the tensions that fame brings.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most acclaimed female artists in Hollywood. Photo: HobbyConsoles

There are thousands of ways to eat pizza, but the one used by Jennifer Lawrence is quite peculiar. Photo: Free Recipes

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