the injustice that was revealed by the illness of Susana Dosamantes

Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman at a presentation of their Perrísimas tour in Florida.  (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman in a presentation of their Perrísimas tour in Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

A great injustice is being committed against Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán. Both tend to be harshly treated by the press and the public. It is something common against women, but the way in which the current relationship between them and their “PERRÍSIMAS Tour” is being talked about has reached another level.

The show put on by The Queen of Hearts and The Golden Girl, to use the nicknames by which they are known, is an overflow of talent, magic, and excellence. Also of professionalism and seriousness. It seems unbelievable that the trajectory and performance of both on stage is not applauded and they prefer to spend time looking through a magnifying glass the videos of her first two shows to find an excuse to say that they are still fighting.

The worst of these injustices was committed this week, after the production announced that the concert on Wednesday, April 20, in the city of Allentown, in the state of Pennsylvania, had been suspended. Texts and headlines that assured that Guzmán and Rubio had “fought” again, that they “couldn’t take it” and so on, exploded with a pitiful tone of jubilation. Darkness always sells more.

Not 24 hours had passed before the real reason was revealed. Susana Dosamantes, Paulina Rubio’s mother, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A gossip show was going to come out with the information and prevented them from keeping the illness as private as they would have liked, at least while they digested the news.

Paulina Rubio with her mother Susana Dosamantes (Manny Hernandez/Getty Images)

Paulina Rubio with her mother Susana Dosamantes (Manny Hernandez/Getty Images)

Dosamantes and her daughter have a close and seamless relationship. She was the actress of telenovelas like “Corazón Salvaje”, “Amalia Batista” and more recently “Si nos dejan”, who has been the support of The Golden Girl during the constant ups and downs of her adult life. As a child, she did not take her eyes off her while she was part of Timbiriche and later as a soloist.

Susana Dosamantes is the great unconditional love of Paulina Rubio. She her constant presence in the lives of her children Andrea and Eros. Obviously, the artist was going to go home at the most difficult time in her mother’s life.

In addition, no one would understand her better than Alejandra Guzmán, who feels a similar passion for her mother, also an actress Silvia Pinal, whose health at 90 is in the frail range. Much more after having contracted covid-19 on the end of the year holiday.

The artists have stated that they will resume the tour this Saturday, April 23, with the concert they have scheduled in New York, where almost 90% of the tickets are sold, after managing to sell them out at their concerts in Orlando and Miami.

Those who attend will see two stars in their greatest splendor. Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán, 50 and 54 years old respectively, have proven to be in their best shape. In their powerful show, the two exhibit exceptional physical fitness, allowing them to sing and dance for three and a half hours.

Alejandra Guzmán on stage at Hard Rock Live

Alejandra Guzmán on stage at Hard Rock Live, during her “PERRÍSIMAS TOUR” tour (Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

When I saw them in Miami, Guzmán was intense rock and shameless. Coquettish, with her deep voice fully in tune and intense, and exuberant with a happiness that she attributed to her renewed contact with the public, although her fans in the audience hoped it was because of a reconciliation with her only daughter Frida Sofía after more than three years. of a very conflictive and controversial estrangement.

Paulina, for her part, had to have been worried. She started out serious, but the tables and the affection of the public seemed to have helped her to open, at least for a few minutes, the fist that she must have in her heart. But even with the dread she must be feeling, The Golden Girl was just that, golden. Sexy, delivered, and the essence of pop.

The strategy of placing the conflict between them at the center of the show was perfect and helped them organize their crossovers on stage, including the final battle between the two, interspersing the songs ‘Mío’ and ‘Hey Guera’, which launched towards a and the other during their adolescence and that they were inspired by the love triangle that also included Erick Rubin, the current husband and father of the daughters of the Mexican presenter Andrea Legarreta.

Paulina Rubio on stage at Hard Rock Live in the second stop of her PERRÍSIMAS TOUR

Paulina Rubio on stage at Hard Rock Live on the second stop of her PERRÍSIMAS TOUR (Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

The concert of ‘Perrísimas Tour’ by Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio is so good that hundreds of people left the Hard Rock Live theater, where the Miami one was held, singing their favorite songs by the divas.

There is no greater proof than that of the injustice committed by those who have predicted failure, permanent suspensions and other problems between these two giants of Latin music. Daughters of superlative mothers and pride. Are they perfect? No, like everyone. But their show is and the example they are given of moving forward despite the sadness, using a fight for a man to earn money and showing that a woman over 50 is as beautiful and vital as one of 20 it’s even better.


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