The invisible man explained the end of the Netflix movie What happened and what The Invisible Man means

Not to be missed. Netflix continues to add to its catalog many productions that were released a few years ago and one of the latest films released is “The invisible man”. This film has already positioned itself in the top 10 of the most watched films nationwide, so in this note we will tell you what it is about and explain its ending.

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The film recently released on Netflix is ​​starred in a suspenseful film, where we can see Cecilia trying to escape from her partner since he mistreated her, but when she manages to escape, an invisible man will lie in wait for her.

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Explained ending of “The invisible man”

After Cecilia manages to escape from her abusive partner, she receives the help of a friend and moves in next to his house, but despite being in a safe place, she is afraid that Adrian will find her.

However, he begins to breathe in peace when he finds out that Adrian passed away and left him a large sum of money as an inheritance, although this did not last long as he begins to feel the presence of an invisible being.

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With the course of the plot we found out that Cecilia’s ex was working in an invisibility suit and apparently everything was being orchestrated by him and his brother. Therefore, the protagonist decides to confront Tom and ask him to tell her if Adrian was alive, and he confirmed it.

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