The Kremlin now admits 290 dead in the Ukrainian attack on Donetsk

Betrayal or fatal negligence, the truth is that criticism intensifies against the Russian planning of the invasion, although in public these criticisms focus on the lack of professionalism of the Russian troops and their high command. The Ukrainian attack on Makiivka, a town occupied by Russian forces in Donetsk, and for which more than half a thousand Russian servicemen died and were injured, continues to kick in Russian public opinion in the search for culprits and mistakes that caused what many consider a new humiliation on the part of Ukraine.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, given the destruction that occurred at the base, “there is a realistic possibility that ammunition was stored near the troop compartments.” The Rybar Telegram account, with a million followers, called it “criminally naive” that the army kept ammunition next to the bedrooms. As British Intelligence has also pointed out, the Makiivka episode is yet another episode of failures like the one that led to the biggest Ukrainian coup since the start of the invasion.

The Russian Ministry of Defense maintains that it was the use of mobile phones by the Russian military present that caused kyiv to quickly locate the location of hundreds of Russian troops concentrated in a building in occupied Donetsk and against which the effective security systems fired. American Himars missiles.

Last Monday, the Ukrainian forces announced that they had killed nearly 400 Russian soldiers (many of them part of those 300,000 of the partial mobilization decreed in September) who were in the Makiivka building. Minutes later, the first official Russian recognition arrived but there were no more than 63 dead. This Wednesday, on the other hand, that figure amounted to 89 and even the secretary of the Russian security council said that there were 290.

First the silence and then the stupor. According to agencies, the Russian security forces took about eight hours to notify the Russian president Vladimir Putin of the tragedy so as not to spoil his New Year’s celebrations. The disaster is of such magnitude that even in the circle close to Putin, like the president of RT, Daisy Simonianare launching into harsh criticism of the disaster.

nationalist voices

The head of the spearhead of the Kremlin’s propaganda at the international level has asked that the names of the Russian officers and “the extent of their responsibility” in the massacre suffered by their forces in Makiivka (Ukraine) be made public. “It is time to understand that impunity does not lead to social harmony. Impunity leads to new crimes. And, therefore, to public dissent,” Simonian wrote on Telegram and also on Twitter.

Not only her, but the New Year’s Eve attack, the single deadliest incident Moscow has acknowledged since the start of the war, has been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Russian public opinion more belligerent who believes that the Russian campaign in the Ukraine has been based on the incompetence of the high command and the lack of a real commitment to fulfill the objectives of the Kremlin.

Despite the fact that the Russian authorities have managed to crush dissenting voices, the main critics of the Kremlin in recent months have not been the most pacifist positions but a series of nationalist and opinion makers. open supporters of warmany of them with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

Semyon Pegov, a war correspondent awarded the Order of Courage by Putin, said on Telegram that pointing the finger at troops using mobile phones “seems like an outright attempt to blur responsibility. There were other ways Ukraine could have seen the base,” he noted.

full mobilization

The Russian Defense Ministry said four Ukrainian missiles had hit a temporary Russian barracks at a vocational school in Makiivka, eastern Ukraine. Russian military specialists have pointed out that the extensive destruction was the result of ammunition storage in the same building as a barracks, despite the fact that top brass knew it was within range of Ukrainian missiles.

Demands for greater commitment and a strong hand come even from groups of war widows. A little-known association that supports the widows of Russian soldiers has called on President Vladimir Putin to order a large-scale mobilization of millions of men and to close the borders to ensure victory in Ukraine.

Putin thus finds himself under intense pressure to achieve victory in Ukraine after 10 months since the start of an invasion that he claimed sought to protect the Russians in eastern Ukraine.

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