The letter of the year and its meaning for Cubans

The Letter of the Year is an ancestral tradition of the Yoruba religion that is celebrated every year in Cuba.

This ceremony is performed by babalawos (priests) and santeros (priestesses) of the Yoruba religion on the island. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Letter of the Year in Cuba.

What is the letter of the year?

The Letter of the Year is a prophecy that is made every year in the Yoruba religion to know the energies and forces that will rule during the next 12 months. This prediction is made by the Babalawos and Santeros through a ceremony that involves the use of snails and other sacred elements. The Letter of the Year is a guide for followers of the Yoruba religion, who can make decisions and perform rituals based on the letter’s recommendations.

Who makes the letter of the year?

The Letter of the Year is created by the Babalavos and Santeros of the Yoruba Association of Cuba. These priests are recognized for their knowledge and experience in the Yoruba religion and they are the only ones authorized to perform this ceremony. The Yoruba Association of Cuba has a long tradition and is considered an authority in the Yoruba religion on the island.

When is Letter of the Year held?

The Letter of the Year coincides with New Year’s celebrations in Cuba on December 31 each year, but it is published on January 1.

The predictions of the year’s letter cover many aspects of life like weather, economy, health and politics. They also give advice on spiritual practices and rituals that can help people have a prosperous and successful year.

It is important to note that the letter of the year is not an absolute certainty of what will happen in the coming year, but rather a guide to making decisions and preparing for possible challenges to come. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the Letter of the Year is a cultural and religious tradition that is respected and followed by many Cubans, but it is not mandatory or binding for everyone.

This 2024, many Cubans are waiting for the Letter of the Year so that they can be aware of the advice to follow and precautions to be taken throughout the year.

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