The Lily Collins double eyeliner trick (which Twiggy already used) to enlarge the eyes

Not only in the role of Emily in Paris it is Lily Collins our style inspiration, but also in real life she often wears looks, haircuts and, in this case, makeup that we also really want to copy. After the transformation of her character into an authentic Parisian –through a French fringe that she also wears in reality–, we are left with her retro style trick to enlarge the eyes (even more).

It was last night, at the Time 100 Next gala, when we saw this look that reminds us a lot of the type of makeup they wore 60’s iconslike the model Twiggy –perhaps the main person responsible for popularizing this style–, elizabeth taylor either Priscilla Presley. In fact, it does not seem unreasonable that the latter is the main inspiration for Lily Collins for this beauty look, considering that she, in addition to her eyes, had a very sixties hairstyle with a toupee; without forgetting that the interpreter was already inspired by Presley for her styling for the 2019 Met Gala.

The key to enlarging the look? perform a outlined both top and bottom, but with very specific coordinates. In both cases, the secret is to make the line of the eyeliner slightly above eye line, so that visually this area appears larger when redrawing its margins. That is, a trick similar to the one we carry out when we want to enhance the mouth and outline the lips a little on the outside. Also, another guy that the actress puts into practice with her makeup is that of do not close the outline around the tear duct. That is, instead of bringing the upper and lower ends together at the tip, it leaves them open to, in this way, enlarge and open the look. And another hallmark of the 60s could not be missing: the ultra-long and ultra-defined lashes. By separating them a lot and thickening them with a mascara that enhances these two factors, it is possible to give an even more awake appearance to the face. Will Emily (in Paris) also copy this trick?

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